About Us

OMRA HIJAB was first established on 2015. We initially focuses on women's apparel, and then jumpstart on men's apparel as well. With that, OMRAMEN by OH was established.

While OMRA HIJAB focuses more on dailywear, headgears, scarves & occasional wear, OMRAMEN on the other hand focuses on accommodating a gentleman's demeanour.

Aurah has always been a central topic. It is not only applicable for women to cover their aurah, but men do have their aurah as well. To us, design, quality & sustainability are subject to shariah compliance. This brand should always offer inspiring & detailed attention to aurah without compromise. So from initial ideas to final products, we work to achieve long-term improvement to people not only in fashion sense, but in our way of life as well.

Our customers has always been the heart of our business model. We wish to share the best from design, production, distribution & sales in accord to Islamic shariah law.

We are small, but we hope this little effort brings humongous change in the fashion industry in obeying Allah. Do support us & happy shopping!